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We believe that documentary filmmaking is a learning process, therefore no decisions on content will be finalized until the last edit is completed. Each interview, and each piece of research, provides new insights and ideas that may change our approach to the final outcome of the film.

Having said that, here are some of the overriding lines of inquiry the film will follow:

Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Unity - Throughout history labor's ability to successfully bargain with owners was hampered by racial, gender, and ethnic divisions, as well as by divisions between skilled and unskilled workers. An important strand in labor's story is the long process of overcoming social prejudices and finding unity as workers.

Class War - There has always been class war in America. The field of struggle is for control of government and legislation, for the hearts and minds of the public, and at times it is a literal battlefield in the streets between those with power and wealth, and those without.

Trickle Down or Bottom Up - There are two economic visions for America. One which states that the rich and powerful should conduct business without laws or restriction, and that the path to economic prosperity is found by providing resources to the rich so that they will create jobs that benefit the public. The second vision is based on the idea that in order for the economy to grow the lower and middle class must have a livable wage so that they can purchase the things that drive the economy. We live in a time when the struggle between the supporters of these respective visions is at a feverish pitch.

International Labor Unity - In order for labor to succeed in the age of globalism, international labor cooperation is vital in order to confront multinational corporations.

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