Strength In Union Advisory Board


Dr. Charles Lumpkins

Dr. Charles Lumpkins – Author, historian, and Penn State University professor of Labor studies.

Dr. Joseph A. McCartin

Dr. Joseph A. McCartin – Author, historian, and Georgetown University professor of Labor Studies. Advisor for the air traffic controllers strike.

Dr. Ruth Milkman

Dr. Ruth Milkman – Sociologist of labor and labor movements. Academic Director of the Murphy Institute for Labor Studies, New York, NY. Advisor on gender issues in labor.

Alice Kessler-Harris

Dr. Alice Kessler-Harris – Author, Historian, and Columbia University Professor of Labor and Gender Studies. Advisor on gender issues in labor.

Dr. Gene Carroll

Dr. Gene Carroll – Cornell University Co-Director of the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute.

Dr. Daniel Graff

Dr. Daniel Graff – Author, Historian, and University of Notre Dame professor of Labor Studies.

Dr. Charles McCollester

Dr. Charles McCollester – Author, Historian, and Director of the Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Labor. Pittsburgh, PA. Advisor on the Homestead Strike.

Ronald Baraff

Ronald Baraff – Historian and archivist at the Rivers Of Steel Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Advisor on the Homestead Strike.

Judith Ranta

Judith Ranta – Author and Literary Historian. Advisor on the Lowell Mill Girls Strike.

Ron Myrvik

Ron Myrvik – Technical advisor; Filmography; Gone Hollywood: The Wars Years, Hollywood Uncensored; President of Ron Myrvik Film Productions, New York, NY.

Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman – Spokesman and personal aid to Caesar Chavez and Communications Director of the Cesar Chavez Center. Advisor on Cesar Chavez

Dr. Rosemary Feurer

Dr. Rosemary Feurer– Author, Filmmaker, and Professor of Labor Studies at the Northern Illinois University. Advisor on Mother Jones.