Strength In Union TitleStrength In Union Episode #6
Episode #6 Stills


The Bush Years and the Economic Collapse – We will begin the final episode by presenting a study of the economic policies that led to the crash of 2008.

Working People in Search of the American Dream – This section will present personal profiles of the lives of working Americans as they struggle to survive under income inequality.

The Effects of Globalization on Unions – Many believe that NAFTA, globalization, and the outsourcing of jobs have played a major role in the decline of unions. We will look at the effects of globalization on labor relation.

Robotics/Automation - As robotics and automation become more effective at doing the work of humans, we have to ask: in the future will be there be enough work for everyone? And if not, how we will organize the economy in order to have a functioning society?

The Future Of Labor – The closing section will take an in-depth look at the possible paths for the future of the labor movement within our quickly changing world.

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