Strength In Union TitleStrength In Union Talent


Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey (Emmy Winner, 2-time Golden Globe Winner, Beaches, Hannah & Her Sisters, Black Swan) - Narrator portraying a 'Lowell Mill Girl'

Petter Seeger

Pete Seeger (Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, National Medal For The Arts, Kennedy Center Honory, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Eugene V. Debs Award) - Narrator portraying a striker during the Homestead Strike.

Lance Henrikson

Lance Henrikson (Aliens, Alien vs Predator, Millennium, Scream 3, The Right Stuff) - Narrator portraying Henry Clay Frick.

Reg E. Cathey

Reg E. Cathey (The Wire, House Of Cards, Law & Order Special Victims Unit) - Narrator

Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson (Founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition, Presidential Nominee, Host of CNN's Both Sides With Jesse Jackson) - Interview Subject

Bob King

Bob King (National President of the United Auto Workers UAW) - Interview Subject

Leo Gerard

Leo Gerard (International President of the United Steelworkers USW) - Interview Subject

Lawrence J. Hanley

Lawrence J. Hanley (National President of the Amalgamated Transit Union ATU) - Interview Subject

  • William Dougan - President of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE)
  • Lawrence J. Hanley - President of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
  • Frank Cyphers - President of the International Chemical Workers Union
  • Captain Lee Moak - President of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA)
  • Cliff Guffey - President of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU)
  • Jane McAlevey - Author, Union Organizer
  • Daniel Marschall - AFL-CIO Policy Specialist for Workforce Issues
  • Erik Forman - Labor organizer for the International Workers of the World (IWW)
  • Jeffrey Mazur - Executive Director of Executive Director at American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 72
  • Thea Michailides - Director of Strategic Research for International Union of Painters & Allied Trades
  • Jackson Potter - Staff Coordinator the Chicago Teachers Union
  • Vincent Alvarez - President of the New York Central Labor Council
  • Esther Uranday - Labor organizer for the United Farm Workers
  • Dolores Velasco - Labor organizer for the United Farm Workers
  • George Nee - President of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO (Worked with Casar Chavez)
  • Donald Marcus - International President of the Masters, Mates, and Pilots
  • Caitlin Fox-Hodess - Head Steward UAW local 2865
  • Ray Holman - Legislative Liaison for United Auto Workers Local 6000
  • Eloise Moore - Detroit Public School Staff and Activist for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • Lashan Hart - Nurse in the University of Michigan Health System and union activist
  • Bob Butero - United Mine Workers of America Region 4 Director
  • Desiree Conyers - Nurse in the University of Michigan Health System and union activist
  • Albert Garrett - President of AFSCEM Council 25 Michigan
  • Maria Magana - Labor organizer for the United Farm Workers
  • Ron Hebron - Union worker and activist


  • Dr. Charles Lumpkins - Author, Professor of labor history - Penn State University
  • Ruth Milkman - Author, Historian, Professor at Murphy Center for Labor Studies
  • Daniel J. Walkowitz - New York University Professor of Labor Relations
  • Dr. Charles McCollester - Historian, Author, Professor Industrial and Labor Relations, Director, Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Labor Relations
  • Ronald Baraff - Historian, Rivers Of Steel Museum Archivist
  • Lance Metz - Historian for the National Canal Museum
  • Joseph Wayne - Historian and Great Grandson of John Kehoe who was accused and hung as a leader of the Molly Maguires
  • Judith Ranta - Author, Literary Historian (Lowell Mill Girls)
  • Dr. Ileen A. DevAult - Author, Professor of labor history – Cornell University
  • Dr. Eileen Boris - Professor of labor history – University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Dr. Shelton Stromquist - Author, Professor of labor history – University of Iowa
  • Dr. Frances Fox Piven - Author, Professor of labor history – City College, New York City
  • Dr. James Green - Author, Professor of labor history – University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Dr. C. Belmont Keeney - Professor of labor history – Southern West Virginia Community College
  • Dr. Beth A. English - Author, Professor of labor history – Princeton University
  • Dr. Timothy Kruse-Messer - Author, Professor of labor history – Bowling Green State University
  • Dr. Rosemary Feurer - Author, Professor of labor history – Northern Illinois University
  • Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry - Author, independent scholar, retired labor leader
  • Dr. Daniel Katz - Author, Dean of Labor Studies – AFL-CLO National Labor College
  • Dr. Steven Kim Scipes - Author, Professor of sociology – Purdue University
  • Dr. James Gray Pope - Author, Professor of Law – Rutgers University
  • Judith Ancel - Director of the Institute for Labor Studies
  • Dr. Alice Kessler-Harris - Author, Columbia University Professor of labor history
  • Bryan Dunnigan - Historian, Re-enactment Actor at the Elckey Miner's Village
  • David Luchta - Historian, President of the Panther Creek Foundation (#9 Coal Mine Museum)
  • Sarah Swider - Author, Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University
  • Jeffrey Rothstein - Author, Professor of Sociology at Grand Valley State University
  • Bridget Kenny - Professor of Sociology at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Richard Roman - Author, Professor of Sociology at University of California, Berkeley
  • Jamie McCallum - Labor Activist, Professor of Sociology at Middlebury College
  • Mark Sebastion Anner - Author, Activist, Professor of Labor Studies at Penn State University
  • Richard Appelbaum - Author, Chair of Global & International Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jonathan Reese - Professor of History at the Colorado State University - Pueblo
  • Dr. Fawn Amber Montoya - Director of Chicano Studies at the Colorado State University - Pueblo
  • Dr. Lawrence Mishel - President of the Economic Policy Institute
  • John Beck - Professor of labor studies at Michigan State University
  • Neil O. Leighton - Professor of Political Science at the University Of Michigan - Flint
  • Robert Forant - Professor of labor history University of Massachusetts Lowell


  • Paco Fabian - Communications director for Change To Win
  • Jaribu Hill - Attorney for the Mississippi Worker' Center
  • Saba Waheed - Director of the UCLA Labor Center
  • Elani Schirmer - Activist, Journalist, University of Wisconsin Student Union
  • Mao Chi Shaw San Liu - Lead organizer at the Chinese Progressive Association, San Francisco
  • Reverend C.J. Hawking - Executive Director of Arise Chicago
  • Saru Jayaraman - Director of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United
  • Luna Ranjit - Executive Director of the Adhikaar Workers Center, NY
  • Andrea Dehlendorf - Assistant director of the Making Change at Walmart campaign
  • Dominic Ware - Activist for the Our WalMart campaign
  • Ai-jen Poo - Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Paul F. Chavez - Chairmen of the Cesar Chavez Center
  • Arturo Rodriguez - president of the United Farm Workers of America


  • Mark Mix - President of the National Right To Work organization
  • Julian Stoltz - President of the Pennsylvania Right To Work organization


  • Charles Showalter - On air personality for Union Edge Talk Radio
  • Doug Henwood - Author, Media Personality
  • Kristen Daun - Reporter - The Lansing State Journal
  • Pete Seeger - Legendary folk singer and activist
  • Steve Fraser - Author, Editor of the New Labor Forum
  • Chad Livengood - Reporter for the Detroit News