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The goal of the film is to present another way of understanding American history by viewing it through the perspective of working men and women. It will portray a dramatic story that will be eye opening and thought provoking, and perhaps fundamentally alter the way people view their country and their place in it.

We live in a time when workers' rights are a hotly debated issue. It is issue that is relevent to the dualing economic visions promoted the political left and right, and in the 1% vs. 99% debate. We believe you can not really understand our nation's current problems with income inequality unless you understand the history of America's working people.

Many people do not understand the important role that labor unions have played in American history. The struggle for working class men and women to gain union representation is a tale of violent battles, political intrigues, complex conspiracies and legal confrontations.

It is a story that has shaped our government, defined our economy, and affected the lives of every citizen of the United States.

Including the Battle of Homestead, The Ludlow Massacre, The Haymarket Riots, The Flint sit-down strikes, and the merging of the AFL-CIO.

It is a story of heroes and villains, bankers and barons, haves and have-nots,

And a tale of race relations, women's suffrage, and immigrants from around the world coming to these shores in search of freedom and prosperity.

It is a history filled with colorful characters and unsung heroes – such as Big Bill Haywood, Mother Jones, Eugene Debs, Henry Clay Frick, and John L. Lewis.

At the dawn of the industrial revolution a new class of ruling elite emerged, And for the first time the working people dared to demand a seat at the table and the right to negotiate with the captains of industry.

The story of working men and women is the forgotten history of America

And the story of labor is a struggle that continues today

A struggle that continues to divide our society along political lines

A struggle that is the front line in the clash between the 99 and the 1 per cent

…that will define the fate of our nation

And which inspires hope that the American dream is still alive.