Strength In Union Title Feedback Title

  • This is a great film we all should forward this to all our email friends. - jsatunas

  • This is awesome! It is well overdue. The Labor movement and its stories need to become common place in American society. Not only do we need this kind of important work on the big screen and other media we need it taught regularly in our schools as part of the required curriculum emphasizing the humanity issues that honor people and their work, a necessity for sustaining world-wide peace - constancemeans

  • This is what labor has to do more often. Films like this wake people up. Show the people that the Presidents of the American unions are just people like them. NOT thugs. - rutoft64

  • A great film that's long overdue! The message needs to get out that having union representation and collective bargaining is like having an army of specialists looking out for the wellbeing of the worker. Who else represents the interests of the workers? Not the politicians, not the media, and not the non-unionized worker unless he is ready to hire an attorney to negotiate and litigate on his behalf. When you need someone in your corner, the union is the best bargain around. Why do so many workers not see that? This documentary may wake some of these people up. - skeptic

  • Will be looking forward for announcements as to when and where the documentary will be aired, and possibly made available for purchase? - rkarlburnett

  • We need this to educate our younger people of the trials and tribulations our fathers had to endure to get us out of sweat shops and little children in coal mines!! It is about time someone tries to show the history of unions and the REAL REASONS they were formed!! - mlmcneely

  • This sounds awesome!! I am glad somebody has taken on this project and I applaud all the people involved!! -Teamsters 12

  • Great story , this should of been done years and years ago! - Cneville